Text 23 Dec Zero Dark Thirty revives debate over torture

Over several segments of compelling — and important — conversation, the panel at Up With Chris Hayes on Dec. 22 discussed the new, critically acclaimed film about the finding and assassination of Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty.

Hayes: Zero Dark Thirty is ‘objectively pro-torture’

Nancy Giles, contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning, joins Up w/ Chris Hayes to talk about “Zero Dark Thirty,” a new film depicting the build-up to the death of Osama bin Laden, that Hayes called “objectively pro-torture and colludes with evil.

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ renews debate on torture

James Clemente, a retired special agent from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, joins Up w/ Chris Hayes to talk about interrogation techniques and how the film “Zero Dark Thirty” implies that torture is an effective means in gaining information.

Classified information in the hands of filmmakers?

In discussing the film “Zero Dark Thirty,” the Up w/Chris Hayes panelists talk about the level of access the filmmakers had to classified CIA information.

Accountability on torture and interrogation

The Up w/ Chris Hayes panelists talk about holding those accountable for using methods of torture and interrogation.

When transcripts are available, I will add them here.

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